Detailed program at ai asia 2017




Keynote: Artificial Intelligence: A Powerful Enabler to the 4th Industrial Revolution

and Why Singapore Is Well Positioned to Facilitate This Growth








Liu Feng-Yuan

Director (Data Science), Government Digital Services


Government Technology Agency

of Singapore


Theme: The State of Art of Artificial Intelligence and the Impact to Businesses





Demystifying AI, Understanding game-changing Trends and Opportunities at Hand


• Overview of the applications of AI in various businesses

• What does the new future look like?

• What are companies doing globally and regionally?





Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence in a World of Seamless Information Accessibility


• How Real is the AI Hype? What does Digital Transformation mean for businesses?

• Will we ever see strong AI in businesses in 20 years?

• Assessing potential contributions of Artificial Intelligence in businesses





Coffee & Networking Break





The New Computing Paradigm: AI and Machine Learning


• Deep learning, machine learning and cognitive computing

• What are the limits and how do we address them?




Panel Discussion: Reimagining an AI Empowered Workforce


• How would AI transform the nature of work?

• Impact of Artificial Intelligence and automation on jobs

• How do companies prepare for this transition to reskill their workforce?

• The ‘Chief AI Officer’: Centralizing or decentralizing the AI function in companies?

• Addressing talent shortage in the AI world





Networking Lunch



Theme: The State of Art of Artificial Intelligence and the Impact to Businesses





Transforming Finance with Artificial intelligence


• Meeting the ever-increasing needs of customers in the digital world

• What is the future of financial transactions and smart payments?

• Making processes seamless with robo-advisors





Optimizing E-Commerce Processes with Artificial Intelligence


• Optimizing search engine algorithms for a much better digital experience

• Using AI to forecast sales and optimize inventories

• Predictive intelligence for better customer engagement





Re-defining the Marketing Space by Leveraging on Artificial Intelligence


• How AI is fast becoming the new marketing manager and what are the new opportunities that comes with it?

• Enabling new levels of data precision and analysis based on user behavior and preference

• Optimizing ROI using predictive intelligence and targeted marketing leading to effective conversion rate





Coffee & Networking Break





The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Healthcare


• Analyzing symptoms and medical histories to determine treatments

• Enabling disease detection through data and predictive diagnosis

• Providing higher levels of service and keeping patients engaged

• Are we able to actually replace the actual judgement of a licensed professional?





The Inevitable Future of Transportation


• Where are we now and how soon can we expect scaled out self-driving cars?

• Analyzing driving behavior and integration with traffic controls to prevent accidents





Economic Vision for Other Industries





End of Day One


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